Pillerton Priors

history and archaeology

Pillerton Priors is a small Warwickshire village lying some 7 miles south east of Stratford Upon Avon and 13 miles north west of Banbury. This website attempts to provide an archaeological and historical background to the development of human settlement within the parish, the evidence for which has come mainly from fieldwork.

Pillerton Priors in 1947


Pillerton Priors is a relatively small parish and unlike many other villages in the region contains few notable structures and lacks a church which was destroyed in the 17th century. On closer inspection an interesting historical landscape is fossilised in the surrounding fields; earthworks, holloways and field systems hint at a long established settlement.


The links to the left can be used to find out more about a number of archaeological and historical features within the parish, this is by no means a complete story but documents the results of several years of archaeological research.




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All images and textŠ David Sabin & Kerry Donaldson