Pillerton Priors

history and archaeology


Fieldwalking within the parish has revealed many flint tools and waste flakes that indicate sites favoured as camps or habitation sites within the prehistoric period.

Our geophysical survey works has demonstrated that the site of Pillerton Priors Roman Villa is surrounded by many prehistoric features, such as round houses, enclosures and field systems that date to the Iron Age and Bronze Age. The Roman villa is probably the last phase of occupation on a site that may have already been inhabited for 2000 years.

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Finds list

1. OS Grid Reference 429160, 248060 - immediately west of barns.

An unfinished Neolithic arrowhead and flint core. Other struck flint fragments were noted in the vicinity. Museum enquiry number E2686 - SMR Record Number 9754


2. OS Grid Reference 429240, 247400 - west of Sandpit Farm pond.

An unfinished arrowhead and scraper, probably Neolithic.


3. OS Grid Reference 428940, 247120 - spur above Fullready Coppice.

A long flint flake with white patina, also a possible flint striking tool nearby. Probable Mesolithic period.


4. OS Grid Reference 429040, 249370 - above tufa spring.

A worked flake of dark flint with a white patina.


5. OS Grid Reference 431140, 246770 - field south of Nolands Farm.

Extensive flint scatters associated with prehistoric settlement located by geophysics.



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